No Offense To Chris Pratt, But The Internet Would Prefer It If Matt Berry Voiced Garfield

Is it sad to get a Cameo for yourself? Probably. But I would absolutely buy one if Matt Berry was on there, if only to hear him say the word “lasagna.”

“Lasagna” is already a funny word, but the What We Do in the Shadows star saying “lasagna”? That’s worth the price of a Cameo right there. It’s also, unfortunately, the only way we’ll get to hear him say it: Chris Pratt was announced as the voice of America’s favorite Mondays-hating, teddy bear-loving, Nermal-mailing cat in the Garfield movie.

This did not sit well with much of the internet (it didn’t help that Pratt was also picked to play Mario in Nintendo’s movie set in the Mushroom Kingdom). But rather than complain, Twitter user @IanDouglasTerry was proactive and came up with an alternate choice. “Hear me out… Matt Berry should be the voice of Garfield and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it happen,” he tweeted. The tweet went viral and inspired a TikTok from @obeanone (@BenKearns6 on Twitter) of what Berry-as-Garfield would sound like.

So good. The campaign to get Berry as Garfield and say “lasagna” has begun.

Pratt already has a Marvel franchise — let Berry play Garfield (and be in The White Lotus season two and host a celebrity cruise and do whatever else he wants).