Mel Gibson Is Directing ‘Lethal Weapon 5,’ According To Mel Gibson

All four Lethal Weapon movies were directed by Richard Donner, who died earlier this year. His death, along with the most recent installment in the series happening 23 years ago and, uh, star Mel Gibson’s history of racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, and homophobic comments, should be enough reasons to end the franchise. Not so, according to Gibson.

Mel Gibson has confirmed he’s set to direct Lethal Weapon 5… Gibson confirmed the news at a fan event in London, An Experience with Mel Gibson, which took place at Intercontinental London – The 02 on Saturday (November 13).

“An Experience with Mel Gibson” is something to avoid, not pay for, but the event apparently sold out. “The man who directed all the Lethal films, Richard Donner, he was a big guy,” Gibson told the audience. “He was developing the screenplay and he got pretty far along with it. And he said to me one day, ‘Listen kid, if I kick the bucket you will do it.’ And I said: ‘Shut up.’ But he did indeed pass away.” What a storyteller.

Gibson — who will also appear in the John Wick prequel series — provided no other details about Lethal Weapon 5, including whether Danny Glover and Joe Pesci will return. But here’s an idea: make a Lethal Weapon movie without Mel Gibson. It turned out OK the last time one of his franchises continued without his involvement.

(Via NME)