Pug Divas, Fake Graffiti, And Other ‘Men In Black’ Facts You May Not Know

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Columbia Pictures

Back in 1997, Will Smith was on the cusp of being a superstar following The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Bad Boys, and Independence Day, and Men In Black put him over the top. It seems that pairing Smith with the grizzled yet commanding Tommy Lee Jones in the hilarious sci-fi action movie about a government agency that keeps aliens in check was exactly what viewers were looking for, paving the way for the film to earn $589 million worldwide and spawn a theme park ride and two sequels (with more potentially on the way).

While the film’s most enduring lessons are that Will Smith makes the black suit and Raybans “look good” and that his “Men In Black” theme song is still an earworm, there are still plenty of behind the scenes tidbits about Men In Black that are worth a look after nearly two decades. So let’s take a look.

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