Michael Keaton, A Notable Former Batman, Has Never Finished A Marvel Or DC Movie: ‘I Have Other Sh*t To Do!’

Noted Batman Michael Keaton hadn’t donned the rubber suit since the 1990s until very recently, and it sounds like the Bruce Wayne of old has a lot of catching up to do in the ever-sprawling cinematic universes of recent superhero fame.

Keaton is currently busy with Dopesick, but he’s also slated to return to his role as Batman in at least one major project in the future. Most notably, a Flash movie that seems slated to dig into some alternate Batman-filled dimensions if it ever actually hits theaters. The reveal that several Batmans may be involved certainly got fans excited, as comic fans seem to have a nearly limitless craving for content.

But in an interview with Variety, the former Batman did not exactly claim he’s keeping up with the various goings-on in the various superhero cinematic universes.

“I know people don’t believe this, that I’ve never seen an entire version of any of those movies — any Marvel movie, any other. And I don’t say that I don’t watch that because I’m highbrow — trust me! It’s not that,” he says. “It’s just that there’s very little things I watch. I start watching something, and think it is great and I watch three episodes, but I have other shit to do!”

Keaton, of course, couched his dismissal in a very positive way and stressed that he isn’t trying to be “highbrow” about anything. But it’s even funnier that he’s actually acting in these movies/universes without really keeping track of what’s going on in them. Which, perhaps, makes his appearance in Morbius all that much better when you think about it. What’s also delightful about Keaton’s comments is that he had a pretty simple reason for wanting to come back in the first place: “it seemed like fun.”

“I was curious what it would be like after this many years. Not so much me doing it — obviously, some of that — but I was just curious about it, weirdly, socially. This whole thing is gigantic. They have their entirely own world,” he says of the DC and Marvel character universes. “So, I like to look at it as an outsider, thinking ‘Holy moly!’”

He was also very complimentary of the writing that brought him back to the Batman role, so he’s certainly not trying to make any enemies here. But in a modern climate where there seems to be a new Marvel product further connecting each and every superhero together in ever-increasing frequency, I’m sure quite a few people can relate to Keaton’s excuse for checking out a bit here.

[via Variety]