Michael Keaton Opened Up About His Secret To Playing Both Batman And The Vulture: ‘I Have No F*cking Clue’

While promoting his new Hulu series, Dopesick, Michael Keaton stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night where, naturally, the conversation shifted towards his competing presence in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whatever the DC Extended Universe is calling itself these days. Next year, Keaton will reprise his role as the Vulture in Morbius, and then later, he’ll suit up as Batman for the first time in 30 years in The Flash solo movie.

As for how Keaton straddles working in both film universes despite knowing very little about the lore, the answer is simple: He just stands there and nods. Keaton hilariously revealed to Kimmel that often the filmmakers will have to “brief” him on what’s happening with his characters, and after a while, they can tell he has no idea what’s going on by the look on his face. And Keaton readily admits it.

“I have no f*cking clue,” he told Kimmel. “I have no idea who’s who or why or where I even am.”

However, during the exchange, Keaton revealed an interesting tidbit. He’s shooting some “Vulture stuff tomorrow,” but naturally, even Keaton knows not to give away any specifics. Is it a last minute addition to Morbius or possibly Spider-Man: No Way Home? He doesn’t say, and honestly, probably doesn’t even know.

In the meantime, Kimmel is still trying to break his way into the MCU as Kraven the Hunter, and if Keaton isn’t going to be in No Way Home, then the late night host is defintely going to make a cameo. Or just edit himself into the latest trailer like he did below.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)