MoviePass And Alamo Drafthouse Are Both Offering New ‘Unlimited’ Movie Ticket Plans

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MoviePass was one of the biggest entertainment stories of 2018, with subscribers rejoicing over unlimited movies for less than the cost of a single ticket in New York. Of course, it was too good to be true — before long, the subscription-based service was blocking A-list movies (not to be confused with AMC’s Stubs A-List) like Mission: Impossible — Fallout, losing millions of dollars, changing subscriber terms with little to no notice, and being investigated for fraud. But MoviePass is still out there, desperately trying to win you back:

MoviePass is reintroducing an unlimited subscription plan, seven months after it restricted customers to three movies per month. The new unlimited plan offers subscribers one movie ticket a day at two price points: A full-year plan that works out to the service’s original $9.95 per month, available for customers who pay $119.40 for a year subscription up front, and a $14.95 month-to-month option.

These plans, which will be available at these prices for a limited time, will reportedly place “no cap” on the number of 2D films subscribers watch, “subject to network demand and availability.” That’s murky wording, as is the promise of a “large selection of blockbusters and independent films” (how many is large?) and the app restricting user options after “excessive individual usage.” MoviePass: where you can see all the movies, but don’t see too many movies.

“It will be unfettered just like MoviePass was before,” Ted Farnsworth, CEO of MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics, told the Wrap about bringing back the unlimited plan. “Over the last several months we really wanted to slow everything down and look at all the fraud and misuse. We’ve continued to raise money and, with MoviePass itself, [we’re] taking a step back and figuring out how to move forward.” Look, MoviePass is great in theory (I certainly took advantage of it), but when even the company’s CEO can’t make it through a statement without mentioning the “fraud and misuse,” something’s off.

Hopefully the Alamo Drafthouse has better luck.

Alamo Season Pass [will launch] by the end of the year across all its theaters, the company’s founder and CEO Tim League told Business Insider… League said Alamo Season Pass will be an unlimited plan for $20 a month in most areas of the country. He noted that in some cases the monthly price will depend on the market.

Subscribers will also be able to buy tickets in advance. “It’s working for us and we love it,” League said. “It’s one of our biggest priorities this year, to get that rolled out.” If Season Pass works the way it’s supposed to, with limited restrictions, it’s a great deal — unlimited movies at the Drafthouse for only 20 bucks? Yes, please. MoviePass had to die, then live, then die, then live again, so Alamo Season Pass, Sinemia, and AMC A-List Stubs could thrive.

(Via the Wrap and Business Insider)