Quotes That’ll Make You Wish Mrs. Doubtfire Was Your Nanny

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20th Century Fox

The great Robin Williams was at the top of his game in the ’90s, and the 1993 family classic Mrs. Doubtfire is Williams at his zany best as he plays Daniel Hillard, a man who, on a quest to be a better husband, father, and adult, dresses up like a British nanny so that he can see his kids more often. Along the way, he learns how to be kinder to his ex-wife (Sally Field), hold down a job, and cook hollandaise.

While, yes, Mrs. Doubtfire is Daniel in disguise, he’s awfully good at being the kindly Euphegenia, and you’ll find yourself wishing that you’d had a similar nanny while you were growing up (maybe without the trickery and latex, though). She might have even helped you do a meringue face mask.

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