‘Power Rangers’ Is Going In A Different Megazord Direction This Go-Around

In 2017, the planet will be forced to answer a borderline impossible question: What the fudge does the public want from a (new) Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers cinematic adventure? SO MANY COMPLICATED FEELINGS! We’ll have our answer next spring, but this handsome lil’ guy up top should serve as an effective litmus test.

Arriving on the social media side of Power Rangers promo is a toy version of the film’s “Megazord.” Decidedly less blocky than its ancestors, this new version of the property’s super giant dinorobot alien machine is far more Rule 34 friendly and apparently a bit more grey. Less Voltron, more vaguely sexual Gargoyles, essentially.

“The Interactive #PowerRangersMovie Megazord features expandable wings, battle sounds, dynamic LED effects & more! Includes all five 2” Rangers,” proclaims this piece of tie-in advertising.

The “expandable wings” and “battle sounds” of the new Megazord will be placed on display in a more traditional sense when the motion picture opens on March 24, 2017. Project Almanac helmer Dean Israelite serves as the director for Power Rangers with the likes of Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader and Elizabeth Banks lending their presence to the production. If we could just get Tilda Swinton to pop up as Goldar, everything should be good to go.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)