New Rumor Explains Why (And How) Two Heroes Show Up In ‘Batman V Superman’

We’ve known for awhile now that Jason Momoa would be playing Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hell, we even know what he’s going to look like. But aside from these tidbits, as well as the news that Ezra Miller will play the Flash in DC’s cinematic universe, next to nothing is known about how Snyder will use these actors/characters in his film. Besides, with everyone else who’s slated to make an appearance, it feels like the elevator’s getting a little too crowded.

Not if Momoa and Miller’s appearances are fleeting cameos, and according to two new rumors from Heroic Hollywood and The Daily SuperHero, that’s precisely the case.

At one point in the film, Ben Affleck’s Batman sneaks into Lexcorp and hacks the company’s computer system. It’s during this scene that he sees glimpses of security video footage, and two particular clips stand out. The first, from Heroic Hollywood, concerns Aquaman’s imprisonment — possibly at the hands of Suicide Squad‘s Amanda Waller. And considering one of the rumored Batman scenes for David Ayer’s film, this just might happen.

But that’s not all. Batman will also see footage of “a blur” thwarting a robbery — a fleeting glimpse of what will turn out to be Miller’s Flash. It probably won’t actually be Miller himself, nor will it be the result of the actor shooting a quick scene for the film. Just a quickly-made effect to reference the character.

Again, these are just rumors, but they do make logical sense in the context of what’s actually known about the films in question.

(Via Heroic Hollywood, The Daily SuperHero)