North Koreans Really Want To See ‘The Interview’ And Pyongyang Is Allegedly Freaking Out

Despite the North Korean government’s strict control of communications in and out of the country, more and more of its citizens are learning about The Interview and the sh*tstorm surrounding it. As a result, they want to see what all the fuss is about. According to Business Insider, this is freaking Pyongyang the f*ck out:

In response, North Korea’s State Security Department and The Ministry of People’s Security held an emergency meeting recently, and told its officers to make sure the movie doesn’t make it into the country under any circumstances.

The report says the North Korean government has beefed up its border security inspection level, and even told black market dealers to not bring in any kind of US movie for the time being.

Pyongyang can fight the film’s arrival all they want, but I suspect it will inevitably sneak across the border. Honestly, Kim Jong Un, you should let your people watch it. They’re more likely to laugh at a volley of homoerotic dick jokes than latch onto your fictionalized death.

Also, what black market actually listens to the demands of the government it regularly subverts? I’m especially amused by the line “for the time being,” since it suggests North Korean black market dealers will just sit and wait on the growing piles of pirated The Interview DVDs until Pyongyang says it’s okay.

(Source: Business Insider)