No One Wanted To Play Noah In ‘The Notebook’ And Nicholas Sparks Can Explain Why

Breaker High alum Ryan Gosling scored romantic heartthrob status for life thanks to his role in 2004’s Nicholas Sparks adaptation The NotebookOddly enough, it looks like he didn’t have much in the way of competition for the role as one of cinema’s most trusted suppliers of rain-soaked smooches. Why’s that? According to Sparks, no one wanted to play Noah.

This intriguing tidbit bubbled up during an IMDb Asks session as the writer’s been making the media rounds for his latest adapted work The Choice. Sparks’ explanation for Noah Calhoun’s lack of appeal as an acting opportunity kind of doubles as a criticism of the Sparks romantic novel industrial complex.

“It was really interesting because a lot of the actors said, ‘Well, what’s Noah’s arc?'” he said. ‘It’s a guy who falls in love and then he just kinda does nothing, and then waits for her to show up and then he’s there and he’s still in love and then at the end of the film, well, he’s still in love. Where’s the arc? Ryan Gosling came in and he really brought that story to life.”

That he did! The film racked up a hearty box office total, Gosling’s stock as a big-time romantic lead soared and call center cubicles were treated to a new pin-up option. It panned out for everyone, really.

(via Vulture)