These Adorable Old People Recreated Famous Movies For A ‘Golden Age Of Cinema’ Calendar

Kramer knew what he was doing when he moved into Del Boca Vista with Jerry’s parents. Early dinner, all the shuffleboard your heart desires, yelling about kids these days — being old actually sounds pretty great, minus the whole inching ever closer to death thing. But until Mr. Reaper pays you a visit, might as well dress up like Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing for a calendar.

The latest in an increasingly long line (though not as lengthy as the one outside the theater when there’s a new Helen Mirren flick in town) of senior citizen film calendars is “The Golden Age of Cinema,” which was “photographed in one day at the village.” According to the Redditor who uploaded the photos, which were taken by Ian McCann, “It is for sale from tomorrow to residents, their families and visitors (starting at our Christmas fayre tomorrow!). The village is a charitable trust and all proceeds go back into the budget for resident activities.”

Here are some of the best.

Check out the rest here.

Via Reddit