Olivia Colman Gave The Most Endearing Oscar Speech Of The Night After Winning Best Actress For ‘The Favourite’

The Oscars arrived full of surprising moments (more than a few of them involving Bohemian Rhapsody‘s several wins). Yet it’s safe to say that one of the most shocked award recipients was Olivia Colman, who took home the Best Actress award for her commanding performance in The Favourite. In doing so, she swept past presumed frontrunner Glenn Close (The Wife), who recently was similarly stunned when she won the corresponding Golden Globe over Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born).

Colman arrived onstage in an emotional state while admitting that this was “genuinely quite stressful” before remarking, “This is hilarious! I’ve got an Oscar!” She also paid tribute to Close, who she stated has “been my idol for so long — this is not how I wanted it to be.” Indeed, this moment is a bittersweet milestone for both women, for this would have been Close’s first Oscar in her storied, decades-long career thus far.

However, Colman’s win was a deserved one, and she charmed the audience with her effusive speech. One poignant moment including her speaking to future generations while adding, “Any little girl that’s practicing her speech for the telly, you never know.” And yes, Colman did make a farty noise with her mouth. You weren’t the only one to notice…