Video Has Finally Emerged Of Olivia Wilde Being Served Legal Docs, And She Handled It Flawlessly

Last week, former The O.C. star Olivia Wilde was served legal documents while on stage presenting at CinemaCon. The move left fans confused about who exactly was to blame for the ordeal: was it ex’s Jason Sudeikis’ idea? Or did his legal team do this without his knowledge? And where was the CinemaCom security?!

While many answers are still up in the air, we finally have some footage of what went on. TMZ shared a new clip of Wilde being approached with the papers, saying “this is very mysterious.” She quietly opened the envelope, which turned out to be legal papers from Sudeikis. She handled the situation by quickly saying “got it” and moving on with her presentation. You can watch the moment below.

The situation is all a bit unclear: Sudeikis’ team insists the Ted Lasso actor had no knowledge of when and where the papers would be served, which can be at the discretion of the legal team that was hired.

A source told Page Six that the whole ordeal sent Wilde reeling. “Olivia was confused when she was handed the envelope, and she was even more confused when she opened it,” the source shared. Despite the confusion, she handled it like a champ, before showing the bonkers trailer for Don’t Worry Darling.