Paul Rudd Tried Unsuccessfully To ‘Basic Instinct’ Michael Douglas On The Set Of ‘Ant Man’

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07.14.15 4 Comments

As we mentioned previously, Paul Rudd was Jimmy Fallon’s first guest back post-finger injury (that had my mouse precariously hovering over the link Dustin provided for images of “ring avulsion” that I thankfully opted not to click on). At any rate, Rudd was obviously promoting Ant-Man, which comes out this week, and told a charming story about his last day shooting with Michael Douglas.

Rudd says he could never shake the feeling of intimidation of working with Michael Douglas, so he thought it would be cute to “Basic Instinct” his co-star. Spoiler alert, it did not turn out cute. Instead, Rudd looked like he was “pleasuring himself to Michael Douglas,” who called him a “f*cking pervert.” I hear they’re great friends now, though.

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