Peter Dinklage Will Star In A ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ Movie

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As HBO continues to tease a return date for Game Of Thrones‘ final season, and some cast members continue to drop possible spoilers, others are lining up projects for the future. Such is the case for Peter Dinklage, who not only recently broke an Emmy nomination record but has set up a lead role also in the fantasy realm. Variety reports that Dinklage has signed on to both star in and produce a Rumpelstiltskin film for Sony.

The script is apparently still in the works, and there’s no word on the tone that this adaptation shall take. Over the past two centuries (since first surfacing in a Brothers Grimm tale in 1812) the Rumpelstiltskin character has taken many twists and turns (through film, TV, poetry, comics, and music) while spinning straw into gold, at times being portrayed as a misunderstood or only slightly manipulative figure and others appearing downright horrific. And of course, he appeared throughout the course of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, which recently ended its seven-season run with actor Robert Carlyle and screenwriters using the imp as a means to mostly annoy and antagonize the other characters.

Given that Dinklage has signed on, one can guess that the story arrives with an edge, possibly with darker motives than one normally expects (although they’re generally never good) from the character. Also unknown is whether the film will put a contemporary spin on the story or head back to the middle ages. Variety notes that Dinklage has other projects to come as well, but Sony has put a “priority” on production, so we’ll hopefully hear more soon.

(Via Variety)