Someone Broke Into The Abandoned White Castle From ‘Harold And Kumar’ And Took A Bunch Of Pictures

There will never be a better advertisement for White Castle restaurants than the 2004 stoner adventure flick Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Just reminiscing about the film is making me drool with desire for as many sliders as I can stuff in my gob. And some furburgers, too, but let’s stay on topic.

While the White Castle that Harold and Kumar were questing for was located in Cherry Hill, N.J., the actual restaurant where the movie was filmed is in Caledon, Ontario. Afterwards, it was converted into a real restaurant called Yuppie’s Burger that quickly went out of business, and since then, it’s been abandoned and forgotten.

Until now, that is, when Imgur user ajmakesthings somehow got into the building and took pictures of the inside. While there were some renovations made, most of the restuarant remains the same, with all the furniture and wallpaper intact. For an abandoned building, the place is surprisingly clean; it obviously hasn’t been turned into a hobo F-shack since closing.

If you ever want to stand in the spot where Harold, Kumar, and NPH got their White Castle on, head out to Caledon. Or stay in your comfy office chair and enjoy these pics from afar:

The entire set of photos from ajmakesthings here.