‘Predator’ Co-Star Sterling K. Brown Supports Olivia Munn’s Sex Offender Complaints

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The story about the sex offender whose small role in the forthcoming The Predator has been removed from the finished film keeps escalating. Over the summer, it was discovered that Steven Wilder Striegel, who had a small role in the film, had a past conviction for sex crime charges. Munn has been outspoken about the issue, saying when she reported the issue to Fox, she initially received radio silence. She’s also suggested that her fellow cast members were shunning her.

Now at least one isn’t. Sterling K. Brown took to Twitter, reports Deadline, to show his support of Munn, and for Fox for deleting the scene, which involved Striegel and Munn.

Striegel was cast by director Shane Black, a longtime friend who has since apologized for keeping his past a secret from the cast and crew. Black said he was trying to help a friend in need, which he now sees as misjudged.

Brown currently stars on This is Us and he won an Emmy for playing prosecutor Christopher Darden on The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. In The Predator, due next weekend, Munn plays a scientist and Brown a government agent trying to stay alive amidst a predator invasion.

(Via Deadline)