Quentin Tarantino Has A Surprising Answer For His ‘Best Movie’

If you asked 10 people to name their favorite Quentin Tarantino movie, you might get 10 different answers. Pulp Fiction is considered his masterpiece, unless you prefer Reservoir Dogs or Jackie Brown, but don’t forget all the ass-kicking sequences in the Kill Bill volumes, and Inglourious Basterds rules, and of course there’s always that one guy (it’s always a guy) who thinks True Romance is ACTUALLY Tarantino’s best movie.

Ahhh, this is too difficult. What does Tarantino himself consider to be his best movie?

“For years, people used to ask me stuff like that,” Tarantino said on The Howard Stern Show. “And I would say something like, ‘Oh, they’re all my children.’ I really do think Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is my best movie.” Maybe it’s because of recency bias, but I agree with Tarantino here, if only for the Manson Family ending (and Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate watching her own movie, and Brad Pitt taking his shirt off, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s chat with Julia Butters, and… the point is, it’s a good movie).

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood might also stand out for Tarantino because it came out during what he called one of the “worst” eras in Hollywood history.

“Even though the ‘80s was the time that I probably saw more movies in my life than ever – at least as far as going out to the movies was concerned – I do feel that ‘80s cinema is, along with the ‘50s, the worst era in Hollywood history,” he said on his podcast, The Video Archives Podcast. “Matched only by now, matched only by the current era!”

Someone show him Paddington 2 ASAP.

(Via Variety)