‘A Quiet Place’ Writers Turned Down Lucasfilm’s Offer To Work On ‘Star Wars’ And ‘Indiana Jones’

Even if you don’t know the names of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, you’re familiar with their work. Last year, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt brought their screenplay, A Quiet Place, to life on the big screen, making it one of the most financially and critically successful horror films in recent memory. While Krasinski and company are currently working on the film’s sequel, though, Beck and Woods have turned their attention to a Stephen King adaptation and other projects. And according to a recent interview, they’ve also been courted by none other than Lucasfilm.

According to MovieWeb, the pair revealed that following A Quiet Place‘s success, they were brought in to meet with Lucasfilm executives to discuss the possibility of their working on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or both. As Woods explained it:

“We went into Lucasfilm in the wake of A Quiet Place and they wanted to talk to us about Indiana Jones and Star Wars. And we’re like, ‘We wanna talk to you about, what is Star Wars before it was Star Wars?’ You guys have a responsibility to start a new franchise. That’s where our hearts have always been, just trying to create original ideas.”

In other words, if they were going to do anything with Lucasfilm, it was going to involve creating “a new franchise.” And seeing as how one is already a massively crowded series of interconnected films and television shows at Disney, and the other is apparently getting another sequel sometime next year, Beck and Woods weren’t as interested. Or, as Beck put it, “It’s just not our DNA. We would rather create what the next Indiana Jones could be” that do a continuation of what’s already there.

(Via MovieWeb)