Weekend Box Office: Between The Rock And ‘A Quiet Place’

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Warner Bros.

In its first weekend out, Dwayne Johnson tried to Rampage through the second-week returns for John Krasinki’s horror film, but between The Rock and A Quiet Place, it mostly ended up a stalemate where both sides could claim victory.

Dwayne Johnson can claim victory because Rampage narrowly took the top spot at the weekend box office with what appears to be a $34.6 million opening. A Quiet Place won Friday night at the box office, but families turned out big for Rampage on Saturday to boost it into the top spot over the weekend. Rampage‘s performance was bolstered by solid word of mouth (an A- on Cinemascore) and decent reviews for a video-game movie. At 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it currently stands as the best-reviewed video-game movie on RT, edging the 49 percent of Tomb Raider earlier this month, although I am not sure that I would qualify a 50 percent (still certified Rotten) as “breaking the video-game curse.”

The nearly $35 million gross, however, is certainly a win for the $120 million film, slightly beating expectations here in America. But again, with a massive budget like that, Rampage needs a good showing overseas to make a profit, and it’s doing just that, eyeing a $50 million opening in China in addition to performing well in other overseas markets. Dwayne Johnson clearly has yet another box-office win on his hands.

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