‘Justice League’ Star Ray Fisher Slammed Joss Whedon Again Amidst Outcry From ‘Buffy’ Alumni

Joss Whedon was hit with a fresh batch of accusations last week after Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia Chase on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel, claimed he had engaged in various forms of workplace harassment. Her allegations weren’t that shocking: Last summer, Ray Fisher — who played Cyborg in Justice League, which Whedon took over after original director Zack Snyder had to leave the project — lobbed furious allegations his way. And as more and more Buffy/Angel alumni speak up in support of Carpenter, Fisher made sure to get some jabs in, too.

Fisher didn’t mention Carpenter et al., and didn’t single out Whedon but also included the film’s producers. “There’s only one reason that I haven’t been sued by Joss Whedon, Toby Emmerich, Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, or Walter Hamada: They know I’m telling the truth,” Fisher wrote.

The actor accused Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behavior towards not only him but his fellow cast and crew. Meanwhile, Carpenter has claimed the TV- and filmmaker of, among other things, firing her after she got pregnant. Her Buffy colleague Michelle Trachtenberg also made some startling allegations, writing on social media, “The last. Comment I will make on this. Was. There was a rule. Saying. He’s not allowed in a room alone with Michelle again.” In other words, we’re still only at the beginning of what may be a messy and disturbing investigation.

(Via Deadline)