Redbox Is Poised To Jump Back Into The Streaming Business Once Again

07.23.16 2 years ago

Shutterstock / Netflix

Redbox is jumping into the streaming business…again. It might seem like old news that is being reheated, but Variety is reporting that the DVD kiosk company is trying to get into the streaming world once again with Redbox Digital.

Redbox initially had a streaming service alongside Verizon called Redbox Instant, providing access to streaming hits and DVD rentals for $8 a month. This was a bold attempt in 2012, especially given the year’s treatment towards Netflix. Alas, it was also right before Netflix struck out with its own original programming and took off the binge commanding level it currently owns today. Redbox Instant died in 2014, with DVD kiosks sticking around while the company debated its next move.

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