The Famously S*it-Talking Ridley Scott Told A Journalist To ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ After He Made A Backhanded Compliment About His Movies

Ridley Scott has two movies out this season, and you know what that means: He has more chances to show how few f*cks h gives. He’s spent the last couple months promoting both The Last Duel and House of Gucci, and he has not minced words. He blamed the box office failure of the former on “the millennian” (presumably he meant millennials). When the Gucci family spoke out against the latter, he told them where to go. He even became the latest auteur to trash superhero movies. And just to stay consistently tetchy, he told a journalist to go eff himself.

IndieWire caught an interview Scott and his Last Duel co-star Jodie Comer did with a Russian journalist. It seemed to be going well, that is until the interviewer gave a sort of backhanded compliment to his oeuvre. He praised the movie as “a very realistic film,” adding that it “looks more realistic than Kingdom of Heaven or Robin Hood,” two of Scott’s other period pieces, of many.

Before he could continue, Scott cut him off. “Sir, f*ck you. F*ck you,” he told the reporter. “Thank you very much. F*ck you. Go f*ck yourself, sir. Go on.”

House of Gucci only just opened, and since it’s already an Oscar contender — on Friday, star Lady Gaga was named Best Actress by the New York Film Critics Circle — there’s every chance that Scott could keep his foul-mouthed press tour chooglin’ along. And then there’s all those movies he still plans on making, including Gladiator 2.

You can watch Scott’s interview in the video below.

(Via IndieWire)