Weekend Box Office: One Smash Hit, One Bomb, And One Fleet-Footed Upstart

12.18.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

There was never any doubt that the latest Star Wars entry, Rogue One would dominate the box office this weekend, it was only a matter of how much. Early predictions pegged it at around a $132 million opening, but that was before the alt-Nazis decided to boycott the film after accusing it of being anti-white. The so-called alt-right has also boycotted a number of other companies — Kelloggs, among them — but this was our first chance to really see with actual numbers what kind of financial damage Breitbart’s followers could do. The answer?


Rogue One actually bested expectations, and it’s looking like a $155 million weekend. That is well short of the opening weekend for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but nobody expected a stand-alone Star Wars film to compete with what was the most anticipated film of the decade. Despite the lack of A-list stars (or returning characters), Rogue One gained huge opening weekend numbers, terrific reviews, and across the board As from Cinemascore, so it is likely to have long legs through the holidays. Repeat viewings could even put a dent in the prospect of the big Christmas weekend openers like Passengers. The $155 million also makes it the third biggest opening weekend of the year, behind Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs. Superman, but I’m assuming it’s will be closer to Finding Dory’s 3.5x multiplier than Batman vs. Superman’s 2x multiplier. The relatively weak competition arriving in January could mean that Rogue One stays at the top of the box office well into 2017, as The Force Awakens did last January.

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