Ron Livingston Is Set To Replace Billy Crudup As The Flash’s Dad For The Hero’s Long-Awaiting Solo Movie

If you were one of the many devotees who plowed through all four hours of the “Sndyer Cut” of Justice League, you may have enjoyed one supporting performer in particular: Billy Crudup swung by twice as the imprisoned father of Barry Allen, aka Ezra Miller’s Flash. He didn’t have much screentime but he made the most of it, with lively line readings and a big, goofy congrats to his son during the lengthy epilogue. Well, hope you enjoyed it because, thanks to scheduling conflicts, Crudup isn’t returning for Barry’s long-promised solo movie. But that’s okay because at least they scored a good replacement.

As per Variety, Ron Livingston will be stepping into Crudup’s shoes after the latter was stuck shooting the next season of Apple TV Plus’ The Morning Show. They’re very different actors; where Crudup’s most famous work is in Almost Famous, Livingston has Office Space. But they scratch a vaguely similar itch, and the recasting shouldn’t cause too much commotion among the tetchier people on the internet.

Crudup had to stick by the role for a very long time, having filmed his Justice League stuff some five years back. The Flash movie has been in the works ever since, and it’s run into untold complications — and that was before there was a once-in-a-century pandemic.

This current version, which seems to be ready to go, finds It director Andy Muschietti at the helm, Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson doing the script, and a cast that includes Y Tu Mamá También’s Maribel Verdu as Barry’s mom, Derry Girls’ Saoirse-Monica Jackson, internet personality Rudy Mancuso, and Young and the Restless’ Sasha Calle as Supergirl. One Justice League performer they did get back — on top of Miller, of course — is Kiersey Clemons, who was the subject of a memorable rescue scene involving slo-mo hot dogs.

(Via Variety)