Hey, Do You Wanna See Brett Goldstein — Roy Kent Himself — Perform A Six-Minute Version Of ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’?

Ted Lasso is a good show, no matter what the dreaded Discourse says. But it’s also done a lot of good for this world for introducing Brett Goldstein to a wider (non-British) audience: me. Ted Lasso introduced Brett Goldstein to me. I wish I had known about the actor and comedian, who won an Emmy over the weekend for his performance as lovable grouch Roy Kent on the Apple TV+ series, sooner because then I could have flown to Europe in 2017 for the express purpose of seeing him perform The Muppets Christmas Carol in six minutes. It would have been worth every cent.

As spotted by Twitter user Bryant Covelli, Goldstein sang his way through a medley of the holiday classic’s finest musical moments, including “One More Sleep ’til Christmas,” “Marley and Marley,” “Thankful Heart” (his Michael Caine impression is solid), and my personal favorite, “It Feels Like Christmas.” He even brought props, much to the delight of the woman recording the video who’s losing her freaking mind. I do not blame her.

“So. For Parkinson’s UK, Amusical made my Muppets dream come true at their excellent gig. I wasn’t going to post this video, but then I thought, if you watch it and like it, please feel free to donate to Parkinson’s UK as they do excellent work,” the YouTube video description reads. “As for the wonderful night, I have to thank the amazing Dave Cribb for putting the music together, Kiri McLean and Jayde Adams for being hilarious and kicking the roof off and to the house band for keeping up with all sorts of mixed signals, and to Hannah Martin for making sure my sister Tara Goldstein didn’t hurt anybody and to the audience for letting me get away with it. So here it is. The Muppet Christmas Carol in 6 minutes. Thank you very much. Please give generously and Merry Christmas.”

I need to hear Goldstein say “Muppets dream” in his Roy Kent voice.

Anyway, this video was uploaded four years ago, but you can still donate here. Come on, don’t be a Scrooge. And as always, please remember: light the lamp, not the rat.