‘Oh There You Are, Peter’: A Lost Boys’ Oral History Of ‘Hook’

08.22.16 3 years ago 7 Comments
Starring Robin Williams as Peter Banning, the man who grew up to forget he was Peter Pan, Hook is the movie that made a lot of kids fall in love with Williams before they knew him as the Genie in Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, or the star of Jumanji. In the film, Williams plays Banning as a man who’s grown, become a lawyer, and forgotten his enchanted past. Only when his children, Jack and Maggie, are kidnapped by Hook (Dustin Hoffman) does he return to Neverland with the help of Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts). Once there, over the span of three days, we watch as Banning remembers his past. He can fly! He can fight! He can crow! The rediscovery of his past is due, in large part, to the guidance of the Lost Boys and their fearless leader, Rufio, as played by Dante Basco.

In honor of Hook’s upcoming 25th anniversary we spoke with Basco and a few of the Lost Boys: Thomas Tulak, the youngest Lost Boy who is now a filmmaker and comedian; Raushan Hammond, a magician and actor in the midst of creating a Hook fan film, Thudbutt vs. Rufio; James Madio, who is starring in and producing a biopic on the featherweight champion Willie Pep; and Brett Willis (who acted in the film alongside his twin brother Brian), who is now working as a firefighter. They share with us their memories of being part of the movie, working with Williams, Hoffman, and director Steven Spielberg, and the film’s influence on multiple generations.