The Russo Brothers Congratulated ‘Avatar’ On Reclaiming The Title Of Highest Grossing Movie Ever From ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Last week it was announced that Avatar, James Cameron’s 3-D game-changer from 2009, would be re-released to theaters, albeit only in China. When the news broke, many speculated that it would soon reclaim a certain title: Highest Grossing Movie Ever (Not Adjusted For Inflation), which was nabbed by Avengers: Endgame two years back. Sure enough, it did, and on its first day. But there’s no hard feelings from the brains behind Marvel’s biggest movie.

Joe and Anthony Russo took to Twitter to congratulate James Cameron and team on taking the title back. They didn’t go small either: They teamed with a fan artist, Bosslogic, to create an image fit for the occasion. It depicts the logo for Endgame disappearing into the ether, a nod to that Thanos snap, replaced the one for Avatar. (Worth noting is that Disney now owns Avatar — long the crown jewel in the Fox cannon — too, so the Russos and Cameron happen to be co-workers.)

It wasn’t hard for Avatar to reclaim the throne. Endgame grossed a mere $7.82 million worldwide than Avatar did over ten years ago. Avatar nabbed $8.9 million, in one day, in one country.

Just imagine what it will gross if Disney does the same thing elsewhere, including in America, where movie theaters are starting to make the baby steps back to what they were pre-pandemic. And just imagine what Endgame will gross if the same company does the same with it. Perhaps Avatar and Endgame will be forever engaged in a back-and-forth duel, repeatedly dumped back in theaters to add still more grosses to its swollen belly. Then again, both will have to gross a mountain more to beat the highest grossing movie when adjusted for inflation: Gone with the Wind.

(Via Deadline)