Ryan Reynolds Shows How He Plans To ‘Fit RIGHT In With Disney’ With A ‘Free Guy’ Ad

Free Guy is a 20th Century Fox movie, starring Ryan Reynolds as a bank teller who somehow realizes that he’s part of an open-world game. The subject matter of the project isn’t too relevant for our purposes right now. Rather, the focus has been on awkward promos from Reynolds and his co-stars, including Jodie Comer and Taika Waititi. And the newest tactic to promote the film comes with a little (healthy?) attitude from the guy who portrays Deadpool. The body-condomed antihero, of course, has been the topic of much fretting over how his R-rated mouth will fit into the Disney-run MCU, and since Reynolds’ image is so inextricably tied to Deadpool, he’s jumping ahead of the game by showing how he plans to get along.

In a tweet where he shared the above video, Reynolds announced that he’s “Gonna fit RIGHT in at Disney.”

If sarcasm will get anyone anywhere, then only Ryan Reynolds can make it happen. And so he shills merchandise while his co-stars pretend to be aghast, try to talk some sense into him, and generally play up the awkward vibe. Obviously, Disney’s got to be aware of Reynolds’ shtick, and is fine with it, unlike when Kurt Sutter got fired from Mayans M.C. because he “ruffled a few mouse ears” by popping some bad anti-Disney jokes in a script. Whereas Reynolds’ self-aware shilling seems pretty unoffensive, honestly, and like part of his film’s planned promotion. We’ll see how Deadpool fares, though.

Free Guy will arrive in theaters on July 3, 2020.