Ryan Reynolds Watched ‘Green Lantern’ For The First Time Ever And Live-Tweeted It While Drinking Gin

Green Lantern wasn’t the first comic book movie to star Ryan Reynolds. That would be X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which he played…well, the character who becomes Deadpool, albeit in a different iteration than the one he essayed later. But over the years he’s been pretty open about not being crazy about his first superhero starring role: the 2011 film stab at Green Lantern. Only catch: He’s never actually seen it. That changed on Wednesday, in which he rang in by St. Patrick’s Day live-tweeting his maiden voyage with the film, all while drinking gin.

So how did it go? Perhaps better than you’d assume. His tweets were a mix of gentle ribbing and sincere nostalgia, plus jokes about being surprised that his romantic lead was played by his future wife, Blake Lively. Not only had he never watched it, he hadn’t even read the full script.

There was some good-natured ribbing.

And some not-quite-in-jokes.

And some props to his (admittedly top shelf) cast. (Seriously, Peter Sarsgard plays Tim Robbins’ son! And Angela Bassett’s in it! And Geoffrey Rush! And the mighty Mark Strong! Even younger Taika Waititi!)

And some actor talk about the difficulties of acting alongside special effects.

And talk of his own personal powers.

And some bittersweet moments.

And some backstage talk.

And self-effacement.

Conclusion: Could have been worse!

Anyway, Green Lantern worked out for everyone in the end, and that’s what counts. Happy St. Paddy’s!

(Via EW)