Ryan Reynolds Secretly Filmed Hundreds Of ‘Thank You’ Videos For ‘Red Notice’ Crew Members

When Netflix’s Red Notice starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and The Rock shut down during the pandemic, like most productions, there was a huge question mark around whether or not the film would quickly back on track. The Atlanta-based crew managed to get back to work, but under some particularly strict COVID-19 restrictions that required crew members to stay quarantined on set for months. That meant not seeing their families until shooting wrapped in early November.

While Gadot and Reynolds made public statements addressing the hard work and resilience of the crew for making Red Notice happen, what no one knew until now is that Reynolds privately sent videos to over 400 crew members and their family members. In some instances, he even sent videos to their dogs just to keep morale up and show his appreciation for their dedication during the unusual circumstances. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Contacted by THR, Reynolds confirmed the gesture of gratitude and added that for those who didn’t have family, “I made videos for their dogs,” he said. “Morale was so low because everyone was in lockdown. They couldn’t go anywhere but work or the hotel. In some cases, their families were at home less than a mile away. I can’t imagine that kind of longing.”

Earlier in the month, Reynolds posted an Instagram photo celebrating Red Notice‘s wrap, and he made it a point to call out the crew members who powered through the unorthodox production. “Not all heroes wear capes,” Reynolds wrote. “Some wear masks. And visors. And have cotton swabs shoved up their noses every day.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)