Samuel L. Jackson Is ‘Back With A Fury’ (Post-Snap, Obviously) On The Set Of Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’

Nick Fury has been through some sh*t over the past handful of Avengers movies. We finally got to see how he lost one eye (to a freaking cat) in Captain Marvel. He got snapped away (before he could even finish saying, “Motherf*cker”) at the end of Infinity War. And we don’t really know whether Fury attended Tony Stark’s Avengers: Endgame funeral, or if it was Talos, doing the shapeshifting thing. Yes, it seems as though Fury would want to pay his respects in person, especially considering that the fallen Avenger in question saved the universe, but we simply don’t know. What I’m saying is that there are theories involving the end of Spider Man: Far From Home, and you know how fans are with theories.

There is one thing we do know for sure. Samuel L. Jackson will portray Nick Fury in Marvel’s Secret Invasion series for Disney+, and he’s back (with a Fury) on the set. He’s also wearing a shirt that renders the dissolving of one Nick Fury, but don’t worry. He’s all in one piece, physically speaking.

“Time to get back in the groove,” SLJ wrote on Instagram while telling “The Snap” where to go. “Happy to be back on the attack!#secretinvasion#fuckthatsnap#backwithafury”

Well, it’s good to have confirmation of production, despite further details remaining scant. Presumably, the series will wade through the history of the Skrulls hanging on Earth, long-term and in a subversive, shapeshifting manner. The tone of the series remains a mystery, given that the Skrulls actually ended up (unlike in the comics) being good guys in Captain Marvel, and hopefully, that trend will continue. We’ll also get more Ben Mendelsohn in the MCU, though, and that is always a good thing.