An All-Star Squad Of Sci-Fi Icons Pop By The ‘Star Wars’ Cantina In This Canon-melting Video

The Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars has gotten a bunch of new customers and we’re pretty sure you might recognize their mugs too.

Capitalizing on the public’s demand for “but what if Popular Thing A was cozied up with Popular Thing B” video content, World Wide Interweb has cranked out a brand new clip that combines the iconic bar scene from Episode IV with an influx of other recognizable sci-fi characters hanging about. Would you like to see Neo from The Matrix give a big ol’ “whoa” after a limb’s dismembered? No? Too bad, it already happened.

Captain Kirk, The Terminator, and whoever Zoe Soldana played in Avatar are among the familiar faces that hang out as the action from the 1977 film goes down. Like any responsible inter-film traveller, these non-canon characters do not interfere with the goings on and keep their background biz to quips and light horseplay. You may want to open Notepad so you can tally all the “cameos” in this video. Yes, Spaceballs makes an appearance. There’s no universe where it couldn’t have.

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