‘Scream 6’: Everything To Know Including The Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More Info

Almost three decades after Scream, the sixth installment in the series is heading to theaters, though things are looking different for the core crew. For starters, original lead Neve Campbell confirmed that she would not be returning to the series, despite starring in 2022’s sequel. Campbell candidly expressed her disappointment, which ultimately came down to salary disagreements.

Despite losing its beloved lead, Scream is still shaping up to be a killer slasher, thanks to the inclusion of scream queen Jenna Ortega, and to the fact that Ghostface is now being forced to ride the subway. At least he’s wearing a mask!

Here are all the details:


Scream VI follows the group from 2022’s Scream (not to be confused with 1997’s Scream…though it is literally the same name) as they leave the cursed town of Woodsboro for a “fresh chapter,” only they decide to go to New York City. Historically, New York City is not the best place for franchise villains to head when they are six chapters into a series, though Friday The 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan was the eighth installment, so maybe it will work out in their favor.

Release Date

The installment will hit theaters on March 10th, 2023. There is no streaming date yet, though it will likely land on Paramount+ at some point next year.


Reprising her role from Scream (2022), this year’s horror it-girl Jenna Ortega will also lead Scream VI, which she says has the most “aggressive and violent version of Ghostface” out of all of the movies. He will fit in perfectly in New York City!

Ortega will be joined by Courtney Cox, who is reprising her role as Gale Weathers from the original murders. Also added to the mix is Hayden Panettiere’s character Kirby Reed, who survived the events of Scream 4 in 2011, along with Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Samara Weaving, Dermot Mulroney, and others.


You can view the official Scream VI teaser trailers below.

As well as the official trailer.

‘Scream VI’ premieres in theaters on March 10, 2023.