Sebastian Stan Explains Chris Evans’ Penchant For Boob Grabbing

Oh, conventions. You are the perfect breeding ground for awkward people to ask awkward questions awkwardly. This time the event was Chicago Comic Con, and the panel was with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, who really should just have their own side project as the Marvel Odd Couple. FALCON AND THE MAN. ARM AND THE HAMMER. A BIRD IN THE HAND. (Feel free to use any of those for the pornographic version of a Marvel Odd Couple side project.)

The internet has latched on to Chris Evans’ habit of grabbing his chest when he’s laughing. You could actually say the internet is grabbing the left boob of Chris Evans’ left boob grabbing. If someone is next to him — his friends, his co-workers, his own brother — they sometimes get manhandled, too. This was the question posed to Stan and Mackie (Hey. STAN AND MACKIE is a pretty good title) during the convention:

Girl: “Hi, so I have a question for both Sebastian and Anthony, umm, so as you both may know Chris Evans has this thing where he grabs people’s left boobs…”

Anthony: “What? Where on earth did you get that?”

Sebastian: “Yeah he does that when he gets too excited…”

He goes on to demonstrate, which is caught by Instagram user phoebe caroline:

It’s cute that Stan knows exactly what the girl asking the question was talking about but let’s give Chris Evans a break. If his one noticeable habit is that he genuinely laughs at stuff he’s not exactly a disaster. MEMES ARE PEOPLE, TOO.

Via Pajiba