Sebastian Stan Will Help Margot Robbie Destroy Nancy Kerrigan’s Leg In ‘I, Tonya’

Tumblr pin-up and beloved Marvel fixture Sebastian Stan has a notorious mustache waiting for him in an upcoming role. Please alert Nancy Kerrigan.

According to Deadline and as willed by the universe, Stan will be joining Margot Robbie for the upcoming Tonya Harding comedy I, Tonya. For those too young for the ’90s tabloid TV crack that was the Tonya Harding scandal, Olympic figure skating gold medal hopeful Nancy Kerrigan got whacked on the leg in a scheme believed to be perpetrated by rival Harding and her husband Jeff Gillooly. (You might remember like 300 different specials coming out in 2014 on the 1994 Lillehammer skating saga.) In the film, Robbie plays Harding, Stan will play Gilooly and hopefully we’ll get someone awesome for Connie Chung.

It wasn’t too far back that Sebastian Stan was in another motion picture with a Harding-esque aura to it. In The Bronze, he played an arrogant gymnastics coach that antagonizes and occasionally has wild athletic comedy sex with Melissa Rauch’s Kenny Powers meets Tonya Harding hybrid lead. Stan showed off his dark comedy chops in that performance, so we’re in safe hands when I, Tonya eventually chugs into theaters. Just don’t expect any “spoilers” to be kept under wraps by anyone born before Clinton’s first term.

(Via Deadline)