Select Theaters Will Now Be Allowed To Screen ‘The Interview’ On Christmas Day

It’s either a Christmas miracle, or a viral marketing scam that literally went ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. With Sony’s permission, Alamo Drafthouse, the only movie theater chain that doesn’t make me hate going to movie theaters, will be one of the “few theaters in the nation” to screen The Interview on December 25th. Alamo, f*ck yeah.

And Seth Rogen has confirmed.

We’ll update with a full list of theaters once it’s available.

UPDATE: The Interview‘s also coming to VOD.

Sony is telling theaters that it will also offer the movie simultaneously on VOD, a knowledgeable source tells the Hollywood Reporter. It is not clear what platform the studio will use to offer the movie as video on demand. That move is likely to further alienate the larger chains that insist that when movies are released theatrically there shouldn’t be simultaneous VOD releases. (Via)

Via the Verge