Seth Rogen Paid Tribute To An Iconic ‘Superbad’ Character On Their 40th Birthday

Superbad is a movie about the awkwardness that often comes with growing up, and Seth Rogen reminded everyone on Thursday that some of the best moments from that 2007 movie were written a very long time ago. Rogen paid tribute to an iconic character from the film on social media on Thursday and was sure to also make everyone feel incredibly old in the process.

The topic of his tweet was one of the most enduring characters from the breakthrough film, which Rogen and Evan Goldberg started writing when they were teens. Or more specifically, the alias that another character chose for his fake ID. Fogel, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, has a fake ID the boys can use to get alcohol. But the ID has a photo that vaguely looks like Mintz-Plasse and is from Hawaii. More importantly, the name on the ID is simply “McLovin.”

“What are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer?” Michael Cera’s Evan asks incredulously. What follows is a few minutes of riffing about the ID and its absurd name. And according to Rogen, McLovin was in the movie’s script from basically the very beginning. On Thursday, Rogen shared an image of the ID, noting that Thursday was McLovin’s 40th birthday and that he originally wrote many of the jokes about McLovin when he was a teenager.

Considering that Rogen is 39, that would more or less make it the 25th anniversary of McLovin on top of his birthday from the movie. So it’s certainly reason to celebrate. Even if it means anyone who fondly recalls meeting McLovin on the silver screen is feeling pretty old today.

You can also see the fruits of this fake ID below.