Shia LaBeouf Tells Ellen That A ‘Judgment Error’ Is To Blame For His Bizarre Antics

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10.10.14 16 Comments

When it comes to his troubling behavior over the past two years or so, Shia LaBeouf should probably have a hell of a strong excuse. After all, in the last four months alone, he was cuffed and pulled out of a Broadway play for smoking and yelling like an A-hole, and before that he tried to chase a homeless guy for a hamburger. Also, there was the time that he tried to fight a guy outside a strip club in New York City, which shouldn’t be confused with the times that he got into fights (and reportedly lost) in London while filming his upcoming movie Fury. He also reportedly checked into rehab, but that was more of a voluntary visit to treat alcoholism, according to his agent. Things have gotten so bad for The Beouf that even Mel Gibson was like, “Aw, poor fella.”

So what’s the excuse, man? You were such a clean-cut kid with a career that most young actors would murder and/or scrape their knees for. If anyone could get the truth out of LaBeouf, it’s Ellen DeGeneres, and it just so happens that she has the Fury star on her show today. In this new clip, he explains that he was just having “like an existential crisis, which turned into, like, an exploration” and that his “hiccups” were all the result of “judgment errors.”

And the reason that he did that whole live art exhibit? He was “really, truly apologetic” over all of the mean things that people were saying about him online, so he was cool with someone wanting to pull his fingernails off with a pair of pliers, if that would have made them happy. What a guy, that Shia LaBeouf.

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