The ‘Snyder Cut’ Of ‘Justice League’ Would Apparently Be Much Longer Than The Theatrical Cut

At this point, folks can reasonably conclude that some semblance of a Justice League “Snyder Cut” does exist and differs from Joss Whedon’s 2017 theatrical cut. Still and as composer Danny Elfman insists, this probably isn’t a finished version. Yet fans keep clamoring on social media to see the thing, after Kevin Smith warmed up people to the prospect and Jason Momoa claimed to have seen the “ssssiiicccckkkkkk” cut while also revealing a filmed incident that never surfaced from Whedon. When Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck added their voices to demand the release, this felt like a watershed moment. Yet Warner Bros. still isn’t budging, so Snyder is still fielding inquiries, and he took to Vero (he’s not an Instagram guy) to share a photo of his alleged cut.

Courtesy of Deadpool author Rob Liefeld, here’s a screencap of the “JL Director’s Cut” in film cans. His caption: “Is it real? Does it exist? Of course it does.” Notably, look at that run time: 214 minutes.

So, 3 hours and 34 minutes, which is significantly longer than the theatrical cut’s 1 hour and 59 minutes, a length that was reportedly mandated by Warner Brothers. That’s even longer than The Irishman (3 hours and 30 minutes), which should, you know, make Martin Scorsese happy. Or not.

Meanwhile, we can all continue to wonder whether all of this upheaval will result in the Snyder Cut surfacing. HBO Max (the upcoming Warner Media streaming service) reportedly “liked” a tweet campaigning for release, and that of course prompted speculation that the cut would surface there, but an insider told Decider, “There’s no way it’s ever happening.” If that’s the case, Man of Steel Henry Cavill will win the argument and can whip his The Witcher wig in a victorious dance. Hopefully he won’t do so for a full 214 minutes.

(Via Rob Liefeld & Screencrush)