‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ Has Finally Defeated The Na’Vi At The Box Office

James Cameron’s box office monster Avatar has been defeated by a teenage Peter Parker. Spider-Man: No Way Home has just the $760.9 million point at the domestic box office, beating out Avatar’s $760.5 million. The sci-fi flick hit theaters in 2009 and has since been falling down the box office totem pole as superhero movies continue to dominate, though it still has the top slot at the global box office.

No Way Home has been steadily racking up views, even as it enters its ninth week in theaters. It took Avatar nearly nine months to make it to that mark, in addition to a 2010 re-release. The Tom Holland film now trails behind 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which is at $936.6M) and fellow superhero flick Avengers: Endgame at a whopping $858.3M.

According to industry insiders, this is probably the peak of Peter Parker’s success, as the movie enters its fourth month of being out in theaters, and will probably hit streaming services soon. Though with fans campaigning for some Oscars acknowledgment, perhaps the movie will get another push.

Allegedly, Avatar 2 will hit theaters this year. But after nearly a decade of hype who is to say if it will really happen. Do we really want it to happen? Does Cameron even want it to happen? Only time will tell.