The Next ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Finally Swings In With An Official Title

Wednesday brought some significant marvel news, starting with a roadmap for the Disney+ rollouts of several shows later in the year. But the biggest news of the day was an official title and a first look at the next Spider-Man. On Wednesday afternoon, Marvel dropped a video for the latest Tom Holland-led Spider-Man film, and it’s sticking with the home-based naming convention we’re familiar with.

This one, No Way Home, seems significantly darker than the previous Homecoming and Far From Home, though.

The video features Zendaya, Holland and Jacob Batalon meeting outside of director Jon Watts’ office, lamenting the fake names for the movie he keeps giving out. Holland laments the fact that Watts keeps doing this while wondering why he won’t just tell him the name of the movie he’s filming in Atlanta.

The joke here, of course, is that Holland is notoriously bad at keeping Marvel secrets, and the video spells out that Holland gave away the title of Far From Home, the last installment in the series. But as the camera pans away from the three actors walking down the hall, it focuses on the board that actually does have the movie’s title on it.


As an orchestral version of the Spider-Man theme plays, that whiteboard version turns into the actual movie logo. But the board is arguably more interesting, with a lot of home-based names that didn’t make the cut. And a few joke titles like Home Alone, which has already been taken.

Considering that we already have a release date: December 17, 2021 it seems there isn’t much left for Holland to spoil unless he wants to get into finer plot points. I’m sure no one would mind if he wanted to give us a head’s up here and save a year’s worth of speculation.