Spike Lee’s New Short Film Connects ‘Do The Right Thing’ To Footage Of George Floyd And Eric Garner

Spike Lee debuted a new short film about police brutality on Sunday.

3 Brothers – Radio Raheem, Eric Garner, and George Floyd intercuts the scene from 1989’s Do the Right Thing where Radio Raheem (played by Bill Nunn) is killed by white cops with cell phone-shot footage of the arrests of Eric Garner in 2014 and George Floyd last week, both of which resulted in their deaths and nation-wide protests.

The film premiered on CNN, where the Oscar-winning filmmaker told Don Lemon, “How can people not understand why people are acting the way they are? This is not new, we saw with the riots in the ’60s, the assassination of Dr King, every time something jumps off and we don’t get our justice, people are reacting they way they do to be heard. This is the thing: the killing of black bodies, that is what this country is built upon.”

You can watch 3 Brothers below.

Do the Right Thing was nominated for two Oscars and is one of Lee’s four films in the National Film Registry, alongside 1986’s She’s Gotta Have It, 1992’s Malcolm X, and 1997’s 4 Little Girls. His next full-length film, Da 5 Bloods, about four African American Vietnam veterans who return to Vietnam, premieres on Netflix on June 12.