‘Star Wars’ Fans Will Soon Be Able To Know What Baby Yoda And The Ewoks Smell Like

Have you been banned from Galaxy’s Edge after sticking your nose under the Ronto Roaster-cooking podracer engine one too many times? Boy do I have good news for you: there will soon be an easier way to know what Star Wars smells like.

Homesick has partnered with LucasFilm as part of this year’s May the 4th Be With You celebration for a line of Star Wars-themed products, including scented candles for Tatooine, the Death Star, and Endor. The Ewok-inhabited forest moon is described as “wild fern and pine needles silently fill the dense woodland as floral accents rise from the forest floor.” That’s how I’ve always imagined Endor smelling, assuming the forest floor is covered in, um, droppings. As for the other less stinky candles:

Tatooine – Invigorating notes of Juniper and desert shrub rise from cooling canyons amidst the endless dunes. Imagine basking in the binary sunset as Luke Skywalker speeds across dusky plains in his trusty Landspeeder.

Death Star – Imagine bolts of smoked amber and forged steel rise from clashing lightsabers, filling vast chambers of cold cement with electric notes. Leather and black myrrh tempt you to the dark side.

There’s no tauntaun candle, but there is a Baby Yoda car freshener. “Imagine Grogu’s meditative presence as he reaches out with the Force. Notes of gardenia fill the air, with touches of lavender and rosemary,” the description reads, but if you smell real closely, you’ll pick up hints of alien-frog eggs. You can buy the candles and air freshener here.

(Via Cinelinx)