Now Ron Howard Is Teasing The Millennium Falcon’s Sub-12 Parsec Kessel Run In The Han Solo Movie

When it comes to legends within the Star Wars universe few are more impressive— without any in-movie frame of references to the casual fan — like the Millennium Falcon’s Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. According to some difficult to understand Wikipedia entries, a parsec is a unit of measurement which works out to roughly 3.26 light years per parsec. Now, what makes the Falcon’s run so impressive was that it was able to make the Kessel Run next to a black hole without getting sucked in, showing off its speed and Solo’s ability to ride the wave as it were, in a gutsy route from the spice mines of Kessel.

It looks like the mines (and subsequently, the run) will appropriately be in the Han Solo movie, and it comes right from a not-so-cryptic tweet by director Ron Howard:

As the legend goes, Kessel’s spice mines were notoriously difficult to navigate to, requiring many stops, starts and drops out of light speed to navigate the route, which led to an extremely contentious and competitive race between smugglers to show off their navigational skills. Not only does Solo and the Falcon hold the record, but the spice mines of Kessel is where (before the canon wipe at least) Chewbacca was a slave before Solo set him free.

It makes sense that we’d see Han and Chewie come together in the smuggler’s standalone movie, and now we know we’re pretty much absolutely getting an origin story, rather than just a singular adventure with Han and his furry friend. The next big question: Will Solo be part of the Imperial Navy like in the books? Will Chewie’s monologue in which he pledges a life debt to Solo and his entire family going to be two or three minutes of incomprehensible Wookie speak? Hopefully.

Now, where does Lando fit into this?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)