‘Step Brothers’ Director Adam McKay Thinks Dale And Brennan Would Be Way Into QAnon Conspiracy Theories

Adam McKay has remade himself into an Oscar-winning screenwriter, but his greatest accomplishment remains Step Brothers. The comedy, starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as feuding man-child step-siblings, is endlessly quotable — there’s also been endless speculation about a sequel. Reilly has said unless there’s a “better version or [improvement] on” the original, it’s not going to happen. But in an interview with the New York Times, McKay may have inadvertently pitched a great sequel idea.

When asked whether Ferrell and Reilly’s characters, Brennan and Dale, would be into QAnon, McKay replied, “No question about it. They’d be way into it, and they’d be torturing [Richard] Jenkins and [Mary] Steenburgen’s characters with it, and they would eventually be having meetings at the house and somehow QAnon would drift into Jenkins’s work life and the Q Shaman would show up at Jenkins’s workplace.” The Succession producer also said that they “would have loved Trump. I don’t want to speak for Ferrell and Reilly, but I think you could safely assume they would agree with that.”

Step Brothers 2008: “Dane Cook. Pay-per-view. Twenty minutes. Let’s go!”
Step Brothers 2021: “Tucker Carlson. Fox News. Twenty minutes. Let’s go!”

Maybe it’s a good thing that there’s no sequel…

(Via the New York Times)