Jared Leto Claims ‘A Lot’ Of ‘Suicide Squad’ Joker Scenes Were Left On The Cutting Room Floor

Based on the pre-release hype, you’d be forgiven for thinking Jared Leto’s Joker is the star of Suicide Squad. He was all over the trailers, and nobody could shut up about the rather extreme lengths he went to portray the character. The role was so monumental it changed Leto’s life forever! So, it certainly came as a surprise when reviewers revealed Joker barely does anything in Suicide Squad. The role is basically just a glorified cameo.

Well, according to Leto’s interview with the French website Telestar (uncovered by Cosmic Book News), there were plenty of Joker shenanigans left on the cutting room floor:

“Yeah, there are a lot of scenes that didn’t make it to the final film. Hopefully they’ll see the light of day. Who knows.”

Oh, I’m pretty sure I know. If Warner Bros. doesn’t release a Suicide Squad: JOKER CUT on Blu-Ray, I’ll eat Jared Leto’s fedora. In the same interview, Leto also reiterated that he’ll be returning as the Joker, because come on, all the method-y madness wasn’t done for a mere cameo:

“I learned a lot about the Joker the more that I worked on the character, and I think that’s probably going to continue to happen. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had with a character.”

Next time Leto plays the Joker, hopefully Warner Bros. keeps the hype and hyperbole at a slightly more reasonable level. The largely-Jokerless Suicide Squad hits theaters tomorrow.

(Via Cosmic Book News)