Are Sylvester Stallone And Dolph Lundgren Teaming Up For A TV Series?

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Following Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren’s Rocky-Drago reunion in Creed 2, it looks like the duo might menacingly blow nostrils in each other’s directions again for the small screen. That’s the case, according to a new Deadline report about the Rocky and The Expendables stars looking to reteam. There’s a catch, though. It sounds like Lundgren would be the star of the project, and Stallone may or may not appear onscreen, but he’s looking to direct. Even with this caveat, this is fairly exciting news, but it might shine more doubtful light on Lundgren’s previous insistence that Stallone was wrong while insisting that he’s getting too long in the tooth for action roles. Never mind that Stallone’s currently promoting his starring role in Rambo V, which looks pretty heavy on the physicality, along with horses, apparently.

Per Deadline, Stallone and Lundgren have been working together on an action-drama series, and the project is the subject of a fledgling bidding war. Oh yes. And let’s not be too upset about hearing that will be another series with hour-long episodes (brevity, guys!), for there’s already interest from multiple networks and streamers:

The show, starring Lundgren and executive produced by Stallone, hails from Tony Krantz’s Flame Ventures. According to sources, the project was sold in the room at all three broadcast networks it was pitched to this week — Fox, CBS and NBC — and also drew interest from the two streamers it was taken to, Netflix and Apple.

ABC was reportedly not part of this pitch frenzy, given that it’s placing an emphasis on lady-focused fare these days. What’s the series about, though? Lundgren will star as a secret special agent of the UN and an extremely skilled hostage negotiator. Stallone is definitely onboard as an executive producer with Balboa Productions, but surely, he won’t be able to resist some sort of cameo? Deadline reports that this bidding war might get ugly, and let’s hope that it does, for viewers can only benefit in the long run.

(Via Deadline)