Sylvester Stallone Appears To Have Retired The Rocky Balboa Role For Good After ‘Creed II’


Creed II may not be as good as its immediate predecessor, but its incredible connections to the Rocky film franchise’s lore and ample opening weekend box office returns practically guarantee that a third Creed movie is going to happen. But will Rocky Balboa himself, 72-year-old actor Sylvester Stallone, be a part of it? According to a new video posted to his official Instagram account, most likely not.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Stallone posted a short video of himself giving a speech on the set of Creed II on what was most likely his last day of filming:

“Well, this is probably my last rodeo because what I thought happened, and has happened, I never expected. I thought Rocky was over in 2006 [with Rocky Balboa] and I was very happy with that. Then all of a sudden this young man [Michael B. Jordan] presented himself and the whole story changed. It went on to a new generation. New problems. New adventures. And I couldn’t be happier as I step back because my story has been told, there’s a whole new world that’s going to be opening up with the audience, with this generation. Now you, have to carry the mantle.”

In a brief written message accompanying the video, Stallone added that “though it breaks my heart, sadly all things must pass… and end.” Of course, if both Creed II and Rocky IV have proven anything, it’s that anybody can change, so maybe if Creed III just so happens to crack the right story, audiences will get one last chance to see the man himself.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)